French Victory Video

Congratulations! You have established yourself as the dominant civilization in the northern half of North America. Heir to one of the great civilizations of Europe, you started in North America with only a few scattered settlements, hemmed in by your traditional rival, England, to the north in Hudson’s Bay, and to the south in New England. But you overcame these disadvantages to grow your cities and expand your borders. Your better relations with the natives have enabled you with their help and the help of their technology such as the canoe and the snowshoe to penetrate deeper into the continent than any other Europeans and you are the only Europeans to have adopted their methods of warfare and survival in the forest. You have developed a strong economic base and expanded trading relationships. You have attended to the morale and spiritual needs of your people. The future looks bright, but there will be continuing challenges. Superior leadership will be necessary to ensure that your civilization thrives in the new North America that is emerging.